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Mrs. Arienne's Microschool

School year: 2024 - 2025

Grades: 2nd - 6th

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Arienne Gillette

Speaks French
Speaks English
Past teacher
Homeschool exp.
An adult microschool guide

Passionate advocate for students since 2003

I'm a mom of 8 children of my own and 4 step children aged 2 to 22. I've homeschooled off and on for many years. I have a degree in elementary education but was turned off by the public school system. I was well on my way to starting my own school when I found Prenda. I fully believe in the principles Prenda is founded on and my school would have been much like it! I'm excited Prenda already exists and I'm thrilled to be on the team helping children achieve the education they need and want. This is enhanced by the ability to use ESA! I enjoy all the academic subjects. My strength is definitely in the arts and language and I have enjoyed adding science and social studies to my list of interests. I believe kids learn best by experience, and that experience should have a lot of variety. I use a lot of projects and field trips to this end. My end goal is to teach children to love learning and to give them appropriate tools and skills to learn things for themselves, and I show the importance of this by continuing to learn things myself.

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We're around Tucson

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