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Jennings Fun Zone (ESA-Exclusive)

School year: 2024 - 2025

Grades: 3rd - 6th

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Meet the guide

Rebekah Jennings

Speaks English
Past teacher
Music Teacher, Curriculum Expert, Full-time assistant
An adult microschool guide

I love being a Prenda Guide!

Ms. Bekah has been guiding Prenda school for 7 full years this fall, making her the most experienced Prenda Guide on the planet, maybe even the Universe 😆. She has guided students from KG-6th grade and is an expert on Prenda curriculum with a specialty in Conquer time edtech: math, reading, and ELA programs. In addition to guiding, she worked for the Prenda curriculum team for 4 years. Ms. Bekah provides a full Prenda experience with integrity and commitment, with a strong emphasis on Conquer mode to build both student mindset and academic competencies. Ms. Bekah holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from ASU and has taught in-home group piano and music lessons for 15 years to over 200 children ages 0-13 and their parents. She composes music, arranges music for others, and is highly sought after as a collaborative pianist. She lives in 85201 with her husband of 22 years, Andy, and 4 of their 6 children, ages 21-9. Her youngest son is the reason she is still guiding. She is also thrilled to have 2 adult children, and a daughter-in-law. She is a lifelong learner who enjoys audiobooks, piano, singing, composing, exercising, journaling, and spending time in the White Mountains of AZ.

Rebekah's badges

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Advanced Guide Certification (2023-2024)
Super Guide

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